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Modern ultrasound

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– it immediately   just state your researchx viscera, using ultrasonic waves quality. Passing it through the tissue, and, of course, or rather through the boundaries between very different tissues, ultrasound is directly reflected. Such a special modern sensor captures all changes that, of course,   They are the basis of the image itself.

High-quality ultrasound itself is one of the most common methods of such modern diagnostics. This widely popular modern ultrasound received thanks to its security. Find out on our website

How is such a study?

Typically, this ultrasound carried out all of your abdomen. However, the   at the targeted unique search can be used directly and very sighting study only high-quality audio system. With this survey a simple patient lies on a simple couch and on the skin his stomach conechno same applied to a transparent gel, which does not cause any very pleasant sensations. It was then that the physician holds a unique sensor contemporary research. The use of such a gel is necessary to create a direct intimate contact, as in the presence between the sensor and the surface of the skin all over the air from his allmapping deteriorates. In this ultrasound of your bladder is necessary to investigate its content. It is in this connection some time to this study, patients are asked to drink plenty of water immediately, and   Of course, do not go to the toilet. With a large filling the urinary bladder wall you it directlystraighten out and become available for just such an investigation. At transrectal ultrasound today, which is held in men, the sensor is inserted into the rectum for a short distance from the anus.

What is the advantage of modern ultrasound before others, no less modern, uniqueand methods of diagnosing this?

The main advantage of ultrasound is directly is precisely   in that it is, of course, painless and safe for any patient does not have any harmful effects even on your body and produces poor beam, radiation exposure (which is in contraste from x-rays, and rengenogramy and MRI). Another undoubted advantage of this contemporary of the study is unique - the complexity, ie within exactly the same one, of course, a visit to the doctor, you can spend the diagnosis of several of your organs.

Application of the US

US itself is widely used in the diagnosis of chronic diseases of female sexual sphere, namely in gynecology. Of course, the US itself is a major and unique method of diagnosis in obstetrics simple for simple evaluation processes of modern intrauterine development of the fetus. Also, modernmennoe ultrasound is used for unique and high-quality diagnostic pathology of abdominal organs, female mammary gland, kidney, and thyroid.

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