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How to lay tiles on a wooden floor?

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Before you start laying tile on the floor made of wood, it is necessary to conduct   audit, meaning thatit is important to determine the condition of the wooden floor, whether it is old paint, flat floor or not. For more information on the principles of laying ceramic tiles on a wooden floor can be found at the link.

How to prepare for laying the wood floor tiles?

Prepare the wooden floor in the building in front of the Criminal Codedebugging it ceramic tile - a very important and time-consuming affair. Old flooring is likely several surfaces coated paint and varnish. In order to remove the old paint from the tree, there are several ways:

  1. Heat: Using the hair dryer heats the building floor surface paint on it and then it softensYou can scrape off with a spatula;
  2. Chemical: floor to wipe the special stripper that removes all of the old paint;
  3. Mechanical: remove old paint brush or cloth of metal.

Next, using the putty should be to lay all the cracks and crevices in the floor. If the surface is not very smooth, EUbe small differences, they can be smooth plane. Well, if the floor is very uneven, it Cover the layer of plywood desyatimillimetrovoy.

putty and sanded leveled floor and then covered with varnish or a latex impregnation. In the not yet dried varnish is the molar mesh to create lasting monolithic layer.

After the linseed oil dried out well, the floor is laid reinforced metal mesh that attaches to the base with screws. Then the mesh is treated with a solution which consists of two parts waterglass, one part water and two parts of sand.

Tile on the wooden floor

Before you start a tile need to be soaked in water for 20 minutes. In the wood, perfectly leveled base, tiles made using mortar or a special glue.

Solution do not do much, since he will be fit for only two hours. The first tile kleitsI'm in the middle of the room. And already from her lay out the other tiles. First, a solution of glue or greasy tile itself, then - the area of ??the floor tiles for a few, and then applied to the tile floor. Always check the parallelism of the tiles corresponding pasted over walls and horizontal floor. To seal a place at the walls, tile pridetsI cut it into pieces with the help of Tile, glass cutter or grinder.

carefully prepared wooden floor, and carefully pasted on a tile, you get an excellent floor covering, which completely change the interior design of the room.


So, before you start Laybe on the wooden floor tiles, be sure to check the condition of the floor, strip off the old paint and align the floor to perfection. Remember that, then you're ready to to put the tile, this type will also have that room, which make repairs. Be sure to consult with the master before starting work.

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