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Chemical nickel plated

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The level of scientific and technological development of modern man is so high that it is in their work and everyday life are widely used, these cutting-edge knowledge and skills. Analyzing to any existingEngineered we can conclude that it will be attended by almost one hundred percent of the details (key and responsible), made of different metals (steel, copper, aluminum, etc.). This is a fairly durable material capable of withstanding solid load, working in quite difficult and dangerous conditions. But almost all of them have cklonnost   lose their properties and collapse under the influence of natural and man-made factors. Especially in this context stands steel, which more than others used in the production, but also   or more suffer from corrosion due to iron content and its natural oxidation reaction. Rust is gradually eating up the ball for a ball metal blockRP G product, resulting in unsuitability entire structure and actually, in terms of appearance. The way out of this is to create a natural situation on the metal surface protective layer that not only protects it from oxidation but does not prevent the performance of its direct functions

The choice of the chemical coating

It is obvious that for the less demanding not contact structural elements can be used in conventional dyeing enamel desired color, pre primed surface. But when it wears on dynamic elements such as threaded articles (bolts, nuts, etc.), shafts, axles and the like, this method of protection behaviorrhnosti invalid. Firstly, because it is extremely short-lived in continuous direct contact and friction, and, secondly, because it has a sufficiently large layer thickness. The logical way out in this situation is to appeal to the electroplated coating of metals, in particular, to.

What is the chemical nickel?

Nickel - is one of the most common methods of galvanic surface treatment of metals. Unlike mechanical nickel, which does not have a sufficient density of the coating, and thus can prevent the development within the layers of corrosion, chemical nickel coating to create a dense Chemicalth film on the surface, in which no pores, and hence corrosion is suppressed. Nickel coating allows for not only excellent corrosion resistance, but also enhance the mechanical properties of the product and give it a rather attractive appearance. Speaking of the nickel plating, as a rule, involve coating metallichescal products multicomponent coating layers: nickel-chromium (Ni — Cr) or copper-nickel-chromium (Cu-Ni — Cr). Chemical nickel plating - is primarily a chemical reaction that occurs on the surface of the metal products with the assistance of reagents. Everything takes place in a so-called galvanic bath. As reactants, in practiceoften use nickel sulfate, boric acid and nickel chloride of the same.

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