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Ride a bike like all: both children and adults. If the kids love, because it is for themgame, entertainment, the adults know and benefit from riding on this form of transport. Every year more and more adults are encouraged to bike, leaving their cars in the garage. In some countries, even politicians ride on such transport, and this is not due to lack of people money, just so convenient, you do not have to stand in traffic jams, not harmful to ca.ronmental protection, and health promotion bikes great influence. In European countries, for people who ride bikes create separate bicycle paths.

A bit of history

The story began with a bicycle in 1817, it was then     Baron Karl von Dreze, a professor from Germany did,and later patented his invention. True, he did not called the wheel, and « machine run & raquo ;. His invention was very similar to a bicycle pedal that's just it lacked, and had a wooden frame. &Nbsp; The first bikes, prototypes of modern, appeared in 1884. And let their     It began in 1885. To Cazhdym bikes a year to improve and in the second half of the twentieth century, and more precisely in 1974, the production of titanium bike, turned into a mass, and a year later, they began to produce carbon fiber. Well-known index shift in modern bicycles appeared not so long ago, and only in the early 90's.

Benefitsfrom cycling

Regular exercise has always been considered beneficial to health. No wonder they say that the day must begin with morning exercises. Physical exercise helps your body to awaken from sleep, and a positive charge for the whole day. But how does a bicycle on organismsm man? What is useful from cycling?

  1. First of all, when you work on a bicycle, the heart muscle begins to contract more intensely, so we make our heart more resilient.
  2. Second, cycling helps to forget about the poor, helps to restore the nervous system.
  3. In Thirdtheir cycling is useful for breathing. When you drive, breathing becomes more active, there is a kind of mechanical ventilation, and blood oxygen enrichment. It's great influence on the performance of the memory.
  4. In the fourth, as to go, you need to pedal, and this, in turn, makes us slimmer.
  5. In the fifth, the bike also has a benefit for vision. &Nbsp; We are constantly looking around, when we eat, do some eye exercises and thus does not focus on any one thing.


Today, there is such a service as renting a bike for a while. Enjoy usingI have it on our website. It is an excellent solution for people who live in the city and for tourists. There are cases that people live in the dorms, and they do not have space to store and want to ride it. This is especially for those, and there are rental service. Where you can choose two-wheeled « & raquo ;, other and from the heart of sentencestatsya. Or you come on a trip to a new city, a lot faster, you can see everything, pedaling, moving on a bicycle. Rentals with each passing year it becomes more popular, and for such services is growing. Many people use the services, and very satisfied. When renting, you do not just give the bike at the time that you paythose, as well as provide the necessary documents and avoid various misunderstandings.   Come to hire, take a bike and ride with pleasure.

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