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What tactical medicine?

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The combat has a type of direct support of combat operations. She adapted many instructors for civilian needs, as well as provides, it is absolutely not lost its relevance and, of course, it is necessary directly as law enforcement officers, and employees of security companies and kontrakteram PMC, as well as civilian experts as well as ordinary citizens. The world is changing pretty rapidly – and, unfortunately, this happens withovsem not for the better. It is every day when we go outside, we risk our lives. That is to be hit by a car and armed criminals or hooligans, and maybe get into an accident for example, in the subway or in other locations where there is an increased risk, be in the midst of or near the explosion that Deviceoenny terrorists and get into hostages, and still get accidentally injured. It is every day when we go out, we go « to war ».

We must always Vertan alive. We just have to know how not to get lost in any complex and non-standard situations and perform communicationoh civic duty, and perform a very important mission – is to save the life of a completely random and unfamiliar passersby, and the hostages, their families and themselves, after all. Each of us should be able, to reject their emotions, fear and trembling in the hands, and diagnose the victim, then remove from it all the basic parameters, andto appreciate his condition and seek medical help and render all necessary quality medical care. Indeed, statistics show that the time to provide medical assistance in the very first six minutes, increasing the chance for human survival at sixty percent.

It is in order to be able to do all this anddo it pretty well, I should be good to go directly to specialized courses for combat and tactical medical training, and you're ready for a completely different complex situations that require immediate medical intervention qualified. And perhaps, once directly through these courses you will be able toete save the lives of their relatives and loved ones, or simply unfamiliar to you people who want to live simply madly. And that's when it will be possible to think that their mission in this life you can perform one hundred percent.

These courses will never make a difference for beginners or people with medical experience directlyor theoretical knowledge. They all teach exactly the same way, without taking into account what some previous experience. Any students appreciate the courses directly in combat tactical medical training, they recommend to their friends, and they come back again and again. And this means that such courses are needed and they are helping many uznamb necessary and useful knowledge from the personal experience of combat, which do not provide any medical training institutions.

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