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How many people have not paid attention to the material world of things, it always comes back to the source of this spiritual life. After all materialthings, in fact, have their sacred and profound meaning. Even the most pronounced representatives of the material world have their greater explanation. For example, a person tends to the beautiful and big house, it would seem, is a purely material desire, but in fact, a true desire to display human desire to have a family and happinessrd, and the house is just this atmosphere and protects the strength of this desire. Well, if the house is too not straightforward example, explain the spiritual essence of clothing. On the one hand it is a means of protecting the environment and the subject of a certain luxury, but on the other hand – it is a way of expression of the individual, which is a sincere wishingtion, as well as an indicator of her personality and a reflection of the soul. If the   consider traditional costume, it is the embodiment of all the individual qualities through the cultural heritage of the people and in this case the national costume stands heritage traditions, sign system and even a symbol with echoes of the blood of their ancestors. As for the people of faith and religionovek, then regardless of his religion, whether Christian, Muslim or Gentile, all have their signs, symbols and charms that are the tangible evidence of their spiritual belief in God.


Depending on the views of a person's life, his birthplace and many other factors,that affect a person's world, we all support those or other philosophical views, everyday rules and form their attitude to God and to higher powers. Nowadays, there are many religions, from large-scale, in the majority of people who believe the world, to smaller, which include the individual tribes. Today suschesexist a religion following:

  • Christianity;
  • Buddhism;
  • Islam;
  • Shintoism;
  • Sikhism;
  • Confucianism, etc.

This or that religion has their own idea about God, consciousness of the world, highlights the moral norms and behaviors, includes rituals, it brings people togetherand forms a spiritual temple, and has its own creeds. The following religious symbols:

  • Orthodox cross (Christianity);
  • Khanda (Sikhism);
  • crescent and five-pointed star (Islam);
  • Yin and Yang (Taoism);
  • Dharmachakra (Buddhism), etc.

The symbol of Christianity

In the Christian religion is Orthodox creed Cross – it is a sign of the Savior Jesus Christ, who was crucified and rose again for the people that symbolizes the divine Savior. The symbol of faith in Christianity used crosses, worn under the icons, which depict the apostles and other saints. All these symbolsare signs of the Christian faith, and they protect the human soul from sin and the other temptations of worldly life. All these spiritual symbols are the external projection of internal faith, because in this world, man is composed of spirituality, which symbolizes the soul and the material – body.

underwear icon

crucifix and have their sacred significance, and is the main symbol of the Christian faith. The history of the tradition of wearing this merchandise originates from Byzantine times. In those days they were made of stone or glass. Nowadays, wearable icons can be extremely varied and manufactured from materials such as silver, goldOh, and decorated with all sorts of stones and natural rock piece.

portrayed on the suspension, the following icon can be saints:

  • The apostle Matthew;
  • The Archangel Gabriel;
  • George;
  • Saint Anastasia, etc.


As forDepending on a person's name or its aspirations in life, an icon with the image of the saint will help guide a person in the right direction, to protect against misfortune and to contribute to the success.

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