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What are the blankets

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Choosing a quilt, you should always look at the drawings are not stuffed in the poverhnosti, because under the blanket cover flowers and shells no one will see, but sometimes it is important. Still, remember that the most important thing in a blanket have it « stuffing & raquo ;. Wool (it is camel or sheep), fluff polupuhovye, padding polyester, silicone, silk, cotton, bamboo fiber and wood shavings are very different in their hygroscopeary qualities, as well as cost. This exotic, for example,   like bamboo, we will look very briefly, and learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of such fillers, synthetic.

Synthetic fillers

They are different for blankets. As explained by one of the sellers stores iskusstvennaya « stuffing » It can be either:

  • Mixed (sintepon + silicone in different proportions;
  • The specific (manufacturers give each species its name and do not share with the public the secrets of the process);
  • Silicon;
  • sinteponovye.

Blankets of synthetic padding      

Blankets, stuffed with synthetic padding is a cheaper option for warming his bed. Double blankets domestic production (Odessa, Vinnitsa) can be bought for 90-110 hryvnia (if you really try, you and 75 can be found), the thickness of Chinese « dvospalky » give for 140-150 hryvnia, and souprmodnye Spanish blankets that supposedly relieve stress and do not beat sleeping electrostatic charge, « pull » 350 hryvnia. This thing is very easy to wash: it is necessary only to throw in the car, dry on a rope and a blanket can hide again.

However, the cheapest - does not mean that it is the best optionm, and sellers fluffy heat all that well understood.

Silicone blanket

Better than syntepon considered by silicone or siliconized filler. Price « dvospalky » - From 140 hryvnia (production winery) and above. Blankets, stuffed with fiber-springs Qualitex and Hollofil and fiber-pushIncas Somforel (Austrian production), more expensive, softer and fluffier. They can be purchased in ordinary stores or through the Internet. Price: from 200 to 500 hryvnia.

The thick blanket double fleece can be bought for 200-220 hryvnia, two-sided blanket (one side - calico, another - wool) litovskogof production - 300 hryvnia. For a large blanket with alpine combed wool asked from 450 to 600 hryvnia, depending on the material from which the cover is made (more expensive satin, cotton is cheaper).

By the way, it is among the blankets we managed to find a gigantic canvas 220 x 240 cm. Even more,According to sellers, Ukraine will not find. But « giant » there is not in every store - despite the rather humane price (400 hryvnia), the demand for such a blanket is low.

Blankets Bamboo

is much better than the rest. In addition, they are very warm in the winter, so perfectly podoyFLS for those people who are afraid of the cold. And the price of these blankets is low.

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