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Design and operation of the fan

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- the rotating blade of the machine, increases the energy density of air or other gases, causing a continuous flow with their relativemaximum compression.

The use of modern industry, it is in particular, for a unique ventilation facilities maintain the mine atmosphere, clean all indoor air and, in the mines, and all stagnant zones great career is to create high-quality induced draft in the furnaces to the uniquetrapping to create a direct flow of gas (air) in modern technology devices, pneumatic installations, and the like unique fans. The main producers of fans: Systemair, Soler & Palau, Ö stberg, Dospel, Dantherm, Vents and in. Grazing fans.

The main course and qualityand the elements of the typical modern desktop fan directly to a blade of the fan base frame and of course, electrically, the motor, the protective device of its blades, the body of the engine, gear box of the oscillator. Oscillator - a unique mechanism, which itself carries out ACeschenie of the fan from one side to the other side. It turns on either side of the engine, a simple end of the shaft is attached to the blades, and the other - that the box for the transmission of such an oscillator. The body of the engine, coupled, of course, to the gearbox, it includes a modern rotor and stator. The shaft of theoscillator combines a unique base loaded, and of course, the gearbox. The body of the engine covers unique mechanism oscillator. For his safety protection device blades directly joined to the engine itself.

Electromechanical modern fans directly assessed according toabout their condition, size, their growth and the number of unique quality blades. Most are good fans it with four blades. Construction is five or, six blades are very rare.

Electric fans today, it is used for ventilation, can simply be powered by solar Uniquecial panels instead of just power from the mains. This high-quality and cheap attractive option because the capital cost of disposable solar panel it will simply be covered directly obtained free electrician.
Separate quality solar panel is usually just set it to point and gets bolshinsTVO of the sunlight, and then it connects to the fan itself, it is located at a distance of 20-25 feet. Other modern stationary and all small mobile quality fans feature an integrated solar panel. There are parallel, consistent and high-quality unique collaboration of all the fans.

The stable operation of the fan - the fan in one mode, ie the presence of a single point of intersection of the characteristics of the fan and the network. Is provided by monotonously flowing characteristics of the fans.

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