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Modern Glass partitions

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Modern design trends all the names of all the premises are such that with good will buildSRI unique interiors seek to directly achieve more easily, save it maximum quality of natural light and visually easy to add more space. An important role in this always play a major advantage and it honors all of which is the absence of modern metal frame. In fillingthese partitions can be used is transparent, frosted or colored glass.

The benefits of all-glass constructions

The reliability of modern design - glass partitions are made of high-quality tempered glass with a thickness of 10-12 mm. Hardening glass is carried outby a good warm-up of conventional flat glass and to a very high current temperature (660 ° C to 740 ° C) and then rapid cooling is good air supplied under the pressure. In the simple result of the internal layers of the glass is always a high tensile stress, and external, namely naoborfrom, all high surface compressive stress unique. This modern glass itself is characterized by very high strength and high resistance to temperature extremes all and even damage it just does not fly many pieces, so all the walls of high-quality tempered safety glass directly Dr.To others.

Another unique embodiment of all the glass partitions - using high-quality glass « triplex & raquo ;, which simply consists of two layers of high-quality glass, glued together with a good film. In a simple breaking of the glass all the pieces just do not fly, and xwatering held in place with tape. These unique glass partition is completely exclude a greater likelihood of injury all around.

The harmonious contemporary design - all glass walls allow a well to do simple office interiors as open as possible, and of course "transparent". Stoeckloh well it transmits light and visually enhances your well-room. In addition, the use of transparent quality modern designs allows it to run longer in daylight good light.

Easy installation unique - all-glass partitions are mounted directly very simply and quickly,almost without a lot of noise and dust, so all their installation can be made in working your time.

The ability to install different types of high-quality modern door - one of the main advantages of glass constructions is always a wide range of doors, and in particular, all hinged, sliding, oreven pendulum.

Glass partitions in offices visually well extend it all the space, very high quality underline the modern unique design of all rooms and, of course, create the atmosphere of a large, and of course, the quality of comfort.

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