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Clinic in T?bingen - Research Center for Rare Diseases

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In early 2010, at the University Hospital of the GermanOn Tuebingen () near Stuttgart opened the first center of treatment and diagnosis of rare diseases ZSE. Particular attention doctors pay Tubingen eye disease, skin, nervous system, as well as cystic fibrosis, that is, this clinic provides diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.

Clinic Director SpecialistGenetics Dr. Olaf Riess says that in other German hospitals are also investigating rare diseases, and the purpose of the organization is to ensure a coordinated joint work at the level of the entire state. "Now we determine in which regions have highly specialized doctors from certain diseases, which, in turn, consultsuyutsya with professors from around the world, "- says Professor Riess. This enables patients to find a doctor who really understands his illness.

Who are the « orphan medicine »?

People with rare diseases are called « orphans Medicine & raquo ;, in fact very difficult to find a doctor whofirst, first, determine the correct diagnosis, and secondly, will treat such a patient. In the world there are about eight thousand rare diseases. By definition, the European Union, five of the ten thousand suffer rare diseases. They, in turn, are hidden behind confusing terms such as Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, syringomyelia,the side (lateral), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.
The problem starts with the definition of the diagnosis, because doctors usually very busy and do not have much time to deal with the definition of an unknown illness. Some diseases are so rare that even the most experienced doctors meet with them once in a lifetime, or vice versa - if everand not found.

Often doctors refer patients with unknown disease to other experts, and this procedure can last indefinitely. Who then will take care of human health?

What is a psychosomatic disorder?

"Psychosomatic rasstroystin "- a diagnosis often hear patients with rare disorders of hearing. Sometimes years pass before doctors finally find out that in fact the patient's disease, and what are the next steps. That's Clinic in T?bingen has these doctors and therapists who can For more information about rare diseases, it is also a specialistflax laboratory where you can do some blood tests. Today in the clinic, there are about 5600 different rare diseases treatment guidelines, theoretical information and data about medical provision in the case of these diseases. Physicians can consult with the professor in the case of uncertainty with respect toBut the diagnosis, but if they have a clear list of the patient's symptoms. "The doctors have the opportunity to check out exactly what the symptoms are crucial in determining a rare syndrome".

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