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The principles of good nutrition

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As we have already identified - the foundation of our health - it is proper nutrition. But what is it - proper nutrition. Read about it on our website.About him, and now a lot of talk on television and radio and in various lectures. Remember different products, diet recipes. But, in my experience, I would say - this is not the most important thing.

After all, health is the wisdom we have at hand for thousands of years - in the Bible. What does it say? Perhaps this phrase is known to many: « tomorrowak eat yourself, share dinner with a friend, dinner give the enemy ».

How to apply it in life, and that wisdom it carries? Quite simply:

  • Our breakfast should account for 50% of our daily diet;
  • Lunch 35%;
  • Dinner - only 15%.

When talking aboutThis patient, many misunderstandings arise, because most of the morning in a hurry and only have time to drink coffee / tea or even nothing at all to eat. Lunch usually takes place at work, in business and all that have the time - a sweet snack, or at most any salad or sandwich from home. Well, we have already returned home we satisfy your secondLod, and as during the day peregolodaly, they often overeat and already so go to sleep.

What says our body?

The fact that the 5 am starts the growth of metabolism in the body, and at 16:00 begins to slow. It was at this time is the maximum digestion and useful veschePTS our body and it does not matter « Owl » You or « bird » (which I will write).

If we podsmotrit operation mode of our neighbors in Europe, we note that many people working day starts at 6-7 am and ends, respectively, in 14-15 hours. Notice the coincidence of time? Etabout done for Europeans could eat well in the morning at home, work, eat and even have time to eat again until 16:00 at home. A smart system, is not it?

If you eat like now eats most of our compatriots, then very soon we will feel fatigue, heaviness in the stomach, « obscuritys thoughts » and reducing the concentration of attention. This mode leads to a stagnation of bile, in most cases, weight gain, disruption of the liver, skin color changes, increased blood pressure ...

If you just a little to change their habits, can greatly change your health, increaseperformance, I feel much better. Very often I tell patients simply can not eat anything in the morning ... It happens. But it's just a habit. The bad habit that we have appeared due to the fact that for years we did not have breakfast in the morning. If gradually accustom yourself to eat in the morning, then had 21 days to feel uncomfortable, eIf do not have time for breakfast.

In the end I want to draw your attention to two important points:

  1. The percentage of food should be not only in volume but also in the use - at breakfast we should be as healthy food - proteins, carbohydrates ...
  2. In the day you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water (if we take as accurately as possible, just 30 ml per 1 kg. weight)

Eat well and healthy and stay healthy!

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