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A variety of bedding

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In human life there is room for many more and less important things. There is no doubt that the dream - is one of the Islandszhneyshih property and things in life. Strictly speaking, it is a life-determining property, or more precisely the mechanism that allows our body regularly recover its energy potential. Naturally, the quality of sleep, and with it the quality of the recovery of the body is proportional to depend on the conditions in which wesleep. Then of course all at once speak about modern lamella beds and mandatory attributes - orthopedic mattress, allows you to maintain the correct position of the spine during sleep. All of this course and needed, but we tend to forget one minor at first glance, but is actually a very important accessory, more complexLect accessories, -.

What is linen?

As mentioned above, referring to the term "linen" it should be seen as a range of accessories, which are used as a kind of covers for bed. Speaking of bed, you should also take it as a kind of kit atsory, which includes a bed with mattress, blankets and pillows. Accordingly, the bed linen will include a sheet or mattress (bed or mattress covers), duvet cover (cover blankets) and pillowcases (pillow covers).

What is linen?

Given naskolko is a rich choice of bedding in any trade network of the world, naturally there is a particular need for the classification of this product, which is then greatly simplifies the process of selecting a suitable set. The most common classification characteristics are linen size, density and material.


It is the criterion that determines the geometric dimensions of the set. As a rule, they are standardized and kroyatsya under a certain size beds, blankets and pillows. The most common classification of this criterion is to divide the bed linen into the following types:

  1. Single;
  2. one and a half;
  3. double.

The density of tissue for bed linen

Any fabric in its detailed examination is a collection of yarns interwoven in a special way to keep in shape and structure. During weaving, the threads may be more or less closelyof intertwined, i.e. will have a different density of crossing fibers. This indicator directly affects the practicality and durability of linen. In practice, there are six types of tissue density, from low (in the range of 20 ... 30 threads per square centimeter, which is typical for cambric linen) to very high (about 130 ... 280 threads per quadrapleasing centimeter of percale linen).


This is the kind of fabric, which is used for sewing clothes. When choosing a particular type of tissue, the role played by its properties: density, elasticity, conductivity, hydrophilicity, strength, durability. And of course, depend on the type of fabric, our tactile feelingand I. Most often sew quality linen used natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk.

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