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In the modern man, as we know, everything always has to be very fine, and if all of it goingis a beautiful woman, this is a good statement is now unlikely anyone would simply deny it. Women's unique beauty as a beautiful mosaic - composed of more than a thousand of all the components. Neat, beautiful well-groomed nails are precisely the hallmark of any modern female of the fair. But the whole classicalmanicure cue, as if he, nor was all available and very familiar, they even can not simply meet the increasing requirements of the modern beautiful woman. So just time to find him a very decent, high-quality alternative in detail what you can find on the site.

Helium manicure

To all the nogotki as long as possible has always remained very healthy and beautiful women are always ready for any unforeseen casualties. However, a very large Fortunately, today, all the victims are not needed. The most experienced modern manicure offer all modern women of fashion beautiful unique gel manicure - this is beautiful, and very useful forthe entire nail plate.

It should always be noted immediately that the entire gel manicure - this is even a   not a simple build-up, so all the technology of its performance is always very different. The main unique condition - the presence of all the free edge of your nails, or simply a risk that all the material is not well keptatsya, and your nails will look very thick, and even unnatural. Helium modern manicure can always be considered a continuation of the classic is:
first just run the same high-quality treatments and in its completion instead of varnish for your nails using a special high-quality bio-gel. This unique gel with differentvoim complete absence of aggressive components, so it is also well known as Ekogel.

Application manicure

Those who are just experimenting with good nails, always know that the entire nail plate simply must first prepare well: just sanded and kachesTwain handle all corrosive acids. Helium modern manicure is the most useful of all modern procedures of natural nails: a large layer of bio-gel nails directly all grow better and become much stronger, and become the most healthy, well maintained its appearance.
Nail, is covered with a good Biogel,it is practically impossible to break you, it is always another unique factor in favor of large helium-quality manicure. Many are women prefer that all coating keeps their nails during the long 2-3 months, and their correction does not take a lot of time. Cleared such Biogel special unique racesgoing on.

Contra manicure

This modern procedure is almost does not even have its contraindications. Exception - is an allergic reaction to drugs and simple components. Yet it is one very nice addition: a gel manicure is much cheaper than all the build-up, and he performedIt is also faster, which is now very important in this modern pace of life all over.


The palette of shades gels are now very diverse, so is every fashionista will always find for myself is the beautiful color, which at the time of our correspondence to its unique mood. And if Dr.Even a bright shade of her tired, nails just always possible to cover most simple decorative lacquer - which is helium quality cover, he always kept much longer.

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