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"New Decor" for your home

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« Perfection is no limit » - This phrase knows almost everyone and even more it is familiar (ie, not by hearsay, as a result of real practice)those who do anything and perfected. This is due to the special structure of the human psyche, his nervous system that predispose to active creativity and self-improvement. A similar trend can be seen in everything what puts his hand man, myself, and even spaceships. Nevertheless, hightechnology, we will not touch, because the story in this case will not go to them. In this article I would like to tell you that does not stop at any house almost never - about interior design. And also, I would like to tell you more, how can help you with this.

The role of curtains in the interior

The interior of any home - is a complex concept, where attention should be paid to every detail, especially when it comes to this very important element of it, like a window. From a purely technical, functional point of view, the window is the source of natural lighting as well as a tool for periodic or ongoing naturalventilation. But human nature is such that it can not simply take into account only one face, one point of view. And if the window is part of the interior, it is also natural to be decoration, as well as the ceiling, walls, doors, etc. Today one of the main elements of the   in the process of decorating the windows are drapes. This slide (thisthe most traditional option, though not the principal effect of many other existing methods of transformation of curtains), window curtains, functional and decorative type. Their functional role is to regulate the flow of light through the window, by moving apart the curtains. Their decorative role is to organize a certain atmosphere in the premisestion, filled with a sense of comfort, light harmony of colors and forms.

The Role of « New decor » in your interior

The Company « New Decor » for over ten years offers its customers in the domestic market high quality tulle, curtains, drapes, as well as various accessories for them (CNEExample, eyelets, ribbons, etc.). The geography of deliveries of products in our store is quite wide and includes in addition to domestic producers of such popular destinations as Poland, Turkey and China (where the same without him). Generally, anyone who has once become our client was able to "the hard way", as they say, to appreciate the subtlety of approval "quality- Does not mean expensive. "Given the considerable experience in this industry, we have come to determine the optimal combination of price and quality of products. You can search, browse, and purchase a wide range of products in the following categories:

  • tulle;
  • Curtains in finished form;
  • Fabrics for curtains and tyuley (plain or porternye);
  • Related accessories for curtains.

Another clear advantage for our customers can safely assume that the format of an online store that allows you to not only dramatically expand the range of products and relevant information about it, but also to organize the perfect interaction with the client,especially in terms of payment and delivery of goods.

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