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What is the syndrome of "lazy eye?

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A serious concern for parents should cause impaired vision in one eye. In such situathe eyes of the patient does not take the picture. As a consequence - develop strabismus or amblyopia, ie syndrome « lazy eye & raquo ;. This loss of vision, which is not related to organic changes of the eyeball or the visual pathway. &Nbsp; This disease occurs in 8-10% of children. If left untreated, it can lead to a losss view. For more details about this disease tell us Semenov AP - employee "of the Kiev Center of therapy and eye microsurgery":.

What are the main causes of amblyopia?

The causes of amblyopia may be different. Most often it occurs when a child has crossed eyes or if the eyes move asymmetrically.Furthermore, amblyopia may occur when one eye focuses better than another. The eye with the best vision actively used, then, as the patient is inactive. If the problem is not resolved, the patient eye to see less and his eyesight had deteriorated. Restore Vision « lazy eye » can, if as soon as possible to identify the problem.Therefore, you should periodically visit an ophthalmologist. The first time a specialist should show the baby is 5-6 months. The most common cause of amblyopia is strabismus.

Is it possible to completely restore vision in amblyopia?

restore 100% vision in amblyopia possible, only if time to begin treatments, as noted ophthalmologist.   It consists in carrying out the visual therapy atropinovyh applying eye drops treatment programs on special devices. Visual therapy trains the eye and helps the eyes work « as a team & raquo ;. Thus, the brain learns to see with the help of the affected eye, helps to Restoreleniyu view. Specially designed for this purpose exercises, work on simulators require a lot of patience, children and parents. But the child will go to school with normal vision without glasses.

Do not try to treat « lazy eye » own, burying, for example, some drops on the advice of friends. you are tnly wasting your time. Monitor the child's perspective is necessary from the day of his birth. Regular preventive checkups competent ophthalmologist using modern diagnostic equipment can detect any disease at an early stage.


So, now you know that the so-th syndrome « lazy eye » and how it should be treated. It is clear that the health of your baby will always be in the first place, therefore, remember that to some problems need not arise in the first place, always pass inspection eyes and the whole body of the respective doctors. It is also necessary to treat a specific disease only recommendationstions of doctors. This is important because self-will not lead to anything good. Be kind to your health and the health of your children. Do not get sick, but always feel better than others!

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