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How to save your hearing?

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The importance of any organ has long been proved. Unnecessary bodies we have. The body responsible for the acoustic inospriyatie all sounds, called ear. A function performed by this body, called the hearing. Rumor - a physiological ability to perceive and distinguish sounds. This happens due to the coordinated work of the organs of hearing: the outer, middle and inner ear. How to keep the hearing in good condition - the issue date, and today we ageaemsya answer it. By the way, if you lose your hearing is useful here to see prices and a special device to help you as well. Then try to figure out what's inside the human auditory system.

The structure of the human ear

The outer ear - sound-conducting system consisting of the ear that picks up sound. Also amplitudesand includes the external auditory canal, through which the sound waves are transmitted to the eardrum. Pinna - is the cartilage, which is covered nadhryaschevoy and skin. Lobe - is the lower soft part of the ear that contains fat. By ear summed up a lot of nerves that detect even subtle sound vibrations. They get caughtayut into the ear canal. The external auditory meatus up to a length of 3 cm and a diameter of about 1 cm. It contains sulfur and sebaceous gland. Here ends the external ear and the middle part becomes.

The middle ear

The middle ear consists of the tympanic membrane, the boundary between the outer and middle ear. Sound Gettingth through the ear canal to the eardrum, which creates tension, which in turn transferred the three ossicles located in the middle ear: hammer, anvil and stirrup. And they begin to vibrate. This vibration is transmitted to the inner ear organs.

The inner ear

The inner ear consists of preddvedence and snails. Both these bodies are bone formations in the form of tubes. Snail is also divided into three channels, which are filled with fluids. The ear is arranged in such a way that causes the vibration response of the stirrups and the fluctuations of these liquids. Then the sound waves are transmitted directly to the auditory analyzers, where the sounds are converted into nerves pulses. And as such, this information is transmitted to the brain, where they differentiate into pulses of different sounds. The structure of such a complex system as the human ear does not bear any inaccuracies or delays. These delays provoke diseases associated with hearing. To learn how to save a rumor in good condition, will be discussed later.

How to keep the hearing?

Guidelines for Hearing Conservation readily apparent. Primarily, it is necessary to avoid diseases of the ear device. All diseases hearing aid, including inflammation, are divided into two groups: diseases of the middle ear and inner ear disease. Keep the outer surface of the ear cleanand to avoid overcooling and overheating, maintain a strong immune system - these are the first guidelines for the preservation of a good ear for years to come.
Often, hearing loss due to the way of life. For example, modern people hear much worse due to the use of headphones, a long stay in a noisy environment (is any city) and part of RAzgovorov on a mobile phone. To avoid problems with hearing and keep a good ear for a long time, you need to reduce the time phone calls and watching television, completely abandon the headphones. And most importantly, people should try to spend more time in nature.

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