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Hearing impairment in a child - not a sentence

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I would like to talk about the children. After hearing plays a crucial role in the development of languagess skills. It is therefore extremely important to detect hearing loss as early as possible. I was once struck by the newspaper articles about the two children-twins from the Carpathian region. What they do not hear, parents noticed too late and are now looking for funds for the implantation (and one implant costs 25 000 euros) and the country where it can be done cheaper and faster (in Kiev in the queue for implantation - more than 400 children) ...

But is identifying hearing loss depends on the parents?

Of course not. Hearing, as well as vision and everything else should be checked immediately in newborns. And if this was not done, it shows bad faith pediatrician! And if anoutward indifference of parents - is also bad faith, no less than criminal.

This is - the result of lack of information?

Yes. The parents of one of my little patients were inactive because someone told them that the boys after girls start talking, that's it, they say, to speak in two or three years.
Do not followt listen to anyone! If you have the slightest suspicion of hearing loss in a child - to immediately refer to the audiologist.

The signs of hearing loss?

If the child is very loud talking, a lot of screaming, or, on the contrary, constantly played in silence, does not respond to telephone calls or door, but well receivedMast vibration - this is the distressing symptoms.

What is vibration?

A child who can not hear, standing on a wooden floor, immediately react if you audibly topnite foot, but his name does not respond. Parents often attributed this behavior to the child's inattention or features of his character.

The realization of the fact that a child has a hearing problem, they can hit. But hearing loss - it is not a sentence. This incentive to action.

So, do not delay your visit to the doctor. Children up to three years to carry out an objective examination of hearing in a dream: the registration of auditory evoked potentialsand registration of acoustic emission caused by delayed curls. These surveys are a fairly long time, therefore, appropriate to make appointments to a specialist at the hours when the child usually sleeps. What earlier a child with hearing impairment prosthetic, the faster it goes further speech development.

With theOn the date when the hearing loss detected in a child, her family crosses the threshold of another world with a lot of new information. To teach a child to always use a hearing aid in everyday life, the need to feel that parents should be guided in the practical and theoretical issues of hearing aids.

But no one hearing aid will not help your child if you do not engage in the development of sound-language and, of course, along with surdopedagogs. The child has to wear a hearing aid as much as possible (preferably all day), but get used to it gradually.

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