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What are themselves universal tent with

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In preparation for the campaign or outdoor recreation, which will last more Thm one day, you can take a lot of different things: and utensils, and clothing and food. But if you do not take with the proper tent - vacation can be ruined. After Tent - this is your second home, a place to sleep and rest, this is - protection from the cold, rain and heat

The tents are for different purposes: dA summer holiday, winter, for those who plan to work in the caves. But there are also universal tents. These tents are designed for those who are hiking chosen not very often, mostly in the summer and does not require, for example, or superuteplenoy fortified tent with some ingenious means.

Good U.ersalnaya tent is suitable for most cases. It is moderately easy, safe and convenient.
It is usually intended for use in the spring, summer and fall. Universal tent is equally good for trekking and for cycling, and fishing and hunting, but of course devoid of specific competencies that have uzkospetsialiized tents.

In any case, every lover of outdoor activities recommended to buy a universal tent. You need to decide: what form you need a tent, on how many people it needs to be calculated. For example: you are planning to go to the mountains three - so, in your tent should be placed three chelovESA (usually in these tents, sleeping quietly even fourth).

It is not the time when the tent izgtovlyali of a very heavy canvas, because now the materials are intended for tents - light, dry quickly, so their weight is now from 1 kg. Scaffolds made of plastic and aluminumand I. If you are looking for a versatile tent and that it is not for one year, then choose very carefully, consider the weight, preferential conditions of use, capacity, type.

Be sure to pay attention to ventilation air - the "right" tents always have a system of so-called air exchange and you do not have sadyhatsya in from lack of oxygen. Ask consult, look - then your second derivative of the house will be a reliable and strong, and a stronghold in the mountains and in the woods, and in any other circumstances. Your choice depends on your mood and state of health.

Universal tent from world famous brands today mozhno buy quite inexpensive (detailed see here). You can choose and buy a universal tent that 100% will meet all your needs. All products are presented in a variety of shops are of good quality and reliability. There is also a guarantee under conditions of careful attitude for many years.

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