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What is the secret to your daily makeup?

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it is Said to look like a goddess, it is worth spending 20 minutes, and to look natural – 3 hours. Naturalness and informality is the rule of everyday makeup. At work, at University and when on holiday it is important not to overdo it with bright colors. By the way, buy quality cosmetic makeup you can in the online store: .


What is naturalness?

Naturalness is something that hardly ever goes out of fashion. This season makeup artists interpreted it very special - "makeup without makeup". It is created so that the girls look not just natural, but is very touching and naive and gentle. The main "helpers" in this case is a porcelain skin tone, a barely noticeable pink blush, a thin layer of glitter and light pink lipstick on her lips.

daily makeup should focus on the ideal skin tone, correct eyebrow shape and pastel shades for eye makeup. Natural makeup continues to be the most popular trend this season.


 Fashionable makeup of the season spring-summer

Spring is the period of bright colors not only in clothing but also in makeup. If a formal meeting should choose a discreet makeup, going to a party or a walk, you can experiment with colors. You can successfully combine different colors, they add festive and spring mood. For example, pink and yellow shadows will emphasize the bright personality of the girl. Relevant is the use of light green and peach colors. Emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes of the arrows.

Also remain trendy muted colors eye shadow and bright lips. This makeup looks pretty impressive. Actual colors for lips this season remain as bright red and plum and natural shades.

luscious Lip shades - traditional trend of the warm season, and spring / summer is no exception. From classic red to rich and sultry berry shades - You can safely turn your way with bright lipstick. Lipstick in the style of the nude will make Your lips sensual and expressive. Clear gloss or soft pastel colors is also a trend this spring.

young Ladies with fair skin and hair, choose soft and pastel colors, and the lady with dark hair can let more vivid shades. The main thing is that the makeup matched the mood. Because the woman looks beautiful only when happy. But if You want to master all the subtleties of the art of makeup, then you should enroll in well-known make-up artist.


How do I learn to do good make-up?

you Can do make-up for themselves, and learn how to choose the right makeup.

For those who want to learn makeup as a profession is a makeup course "Salon make up artist". But who's not used to waste their time, can benefit from the Express course. It is suitable for future artists who want to learn the basics of makeup from scratch, as well as those wishing to improve their skills. If you want to learn how to correctly apply makeup and do the correction of eyebrows, then you should sign up for "Rate make for yourself."

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