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What is the secret of daily make-up?

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It is said to look like a boginya, it is worth spending 20 minutes and to look natural – 3 hours. Natural and relaxed - the rule of daily makeup. At work, at the university and on holiday it is important not to overdo it with bright colors. By the way, to buy quality cosmetics for make-up, you can the online store:.

What is natural?

Of course - this is something that hardly ever goes out of fashion. This season, make-up artists have interpreted it in quite a special way - « no make-up make-up & raquo ;. It is created in such a way that women do not just look natural, but touchingly childish, naive and gentle. Main « & raquo assistants; in this case is the porcelain skin tone, faintly pink blush, a thin layer of shine and light pink lipstick on her lips.

The daily make-up is to focus on the perfect skin tone, the correct form of the eyebrows and pastel shade of makeup eye. Natural make-up continues to be the most popular trend this season.

  Trendy makeup for spring-summer

Spring - a time of bright colors, not only in clothing, but also in makeup. If official meetings should choose a low-key make-up, then going to a party or outing, you can experiment with colors. It is possible to successfully combine different colors, they add Celebratingegg and spring mood. For example, pink and yellow shades emphasize the bright personality of the girl. It is urgent and the use of light green and peach colors. Emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes arrows.

Also fashionable remain muted colors eye shadow and bright lips. This makeup looks pretty impressive. ACTUALnymi lip colors this season are both bright red and plum and natural shades.

lips luscious shades - a traditional trend warm season, and spring-summer was no exception. From classic red to rich and exciting berry shades - you can safely convert your image with the help of a bright lipstick. Lipstick in Steelie nude will make your lips sensual and expressive. Transparent gloss or soft pastel colors - and the trend this spring.

The girls with light skin and hair and choose soft pastel colors, and the lady with dark hair can afford a more vibrant hues. The main thing is to make match the mood. After all, a woman looks beautifulSecond only when happy. And if you want to master all the subtleties of the art of make-up, then it is necessary to enroll in the famous makeup artist.

How can I learn to do a good make-up?

It is possible to do make-up for yourself and learn how to choose the right makeup.

For those who dream SALToit make-up as a profession, a course of makeup « Cabin makeup & raquo ;. But who is not used to save time, could use a crash course. He will approach the future masters who want to learn the basics of make-up "from scratch", as well as wanting to improve their skills. If you want to learn how to properly apply makeup and do aorrektsiyu eyebrows, you should sign up for "make-up course for himself".

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