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Joint efforts - in the fight against drug addiction

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One of the global problems of todayIt is an addiction. Spread throughout the world, it is anti-social phenomenon has become an integral part of public life. Not spared this trouble, and Ukraine. Special studies have shown that in our country the number of drug users exceeds 500 thousand. Man. Other studies give a figure much boproc eed.

In Ukraine, in terms of political and economic instability, lack of clear prospects unsettled life, eroded public morality, confusion over the general and personal problems, many people, especially young people, have resorted to the use of drugs, as a form of protection against all these nRobl. Unfortunately, drug addiction all younger, enters into the school environment.
How to save the younger generation from drugs? The answer to that question tried to give the participants of the round table on "Organization of effective cooperation and information exchange in the field of combating the spread of drug addiction, combating illicit trafficking in drugscal drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors among children and youth ".

The participants of the round table sounded a common idea that drug addiction - a disease, and not the individual, but the whole of society that destroys the identity of not only mentally and physically, but also leads her to commit crimes.This is a problem not only dysfunctional families and wealthy families. In order to successfully combat this scourge, he noted participants of the roundtable - Dr. Alexander Ovsyanyuk (author technique "teletherapy Tao":), should join the efforts of parents, teachers, psychologists, law enforcement officers, social workers and doctors. And the main tool in the ECeradication of drug abuse and other negative phenomena among young people should become an effective prevention. Should make every effort to prevent the recruitment of children, teenagers to addictions.

The fact that the school is carried out in this regard the relevant work showed shot during nrovedeniya high school event, a video entitled « We are against drugs & raquo ;, which looked round table participants.

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