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We insulate our windows

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Through the cracks in the windows we lose up to 15% of the heat in their homes and are forced to freeze , or inturns the heater. We were not happy with such a prospect, so choose one of the options - or immediately install triple-pane windows, or "zakonopachivaem" box on their own and improvised means. But you must first take a closer look to the window and the window frame. Are there any gaps between the frame and curved walls and window sillsm? They main culprits constant drafts and cold in the apartments on windy days. This is especially true for high-rise buildings 80-90s, and this is true if you have recently changed the windows and did not have time to plaster soffits.

to look into the slit

Some housewives before start "zakonopachivat"windows, forced his men to cover the slit window, and then they bring to frame a lighted match or a candle. Very often it blows beneath the sill above the radiator and on the perimeter of the window frame, where poorly plastered slopes. That's true even if you bring a hand to the window frame.

Got the gap? Simply blow them with foamAnd then cut off the remains, sanding and sketch slopes. Suitable filler or putty. If you are able and you have a bit of plaster or drywall, can be diluted with a small amount of water in a ratio of 1: 2 and cover up with a spatula or a finger. Only the wind did not walk around the apartment or room!

The warm?

The best option - is to buy a strip of foam. For standard windows need thick (for gaps between the frames and escarpments and sills) and thin (they act as seals between the frames and sash windows.) On the markets you can buy foam strip from the waste furniture Industry 3 hryvnia thing. On one standard window "Khrushchev" or "brezhnevki "should be at least 5 thick and thin strips 5-seals (preferably on a sticky basis). A little spent, but the foam will last several seasons. The window will have a neat appearance, and the room will be 1-2 degrees warmer. A if all this carefully seal the wide strips of white paper or masking tape - you can say okbut you have warmed "perfectly well".

teplootrazhajushchy screen

And if for the radiator to install a so-called heat reflective screen - will increase battery efficiency by 5-7%. This can be used penofol sheet (foamed base with one side covered with foil) foil normal heavy paperor painted "silver" piece of plywood or corrugated cardboard. The screen must be installed under a window and assign a radiator using double-sided tape, or press the wooden slats, which are attached to the wall with screws.

And a few more nuances ...

  • Also, keep the heat in the room can helpblinds or thick curtains of light shades (you can even double). They shut the window at night. A day let the sunlight fall into the room. They also, incidentally, help you fine
    - in fact it will be quite a stylish look;
  • Some advise for the winter to hang curtains short, so they do not block the battery. In fact, this option saves 5% of the heat and raises the room temperature by 1-3 degrees. Long curtains can be refilled for radiators using, as a heat reflective screen;
  • But on the window sill (at the junction withthe lower part of the frame, especially if they are vases of flowers), set the "substrate" of the draft of a sheet of plywood, cardboard or folded in several layers of thick fabric;
  • If you do not want to tinker with the insulation of windows for some additional 2-3 degrees have frostbitten until spring, and the followingyear (if you have the money) is to do a comprehensive home insulation - by glazed balconies and warm facade and new glazed windows, modern radiators and floor heating.

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