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Only homemade bread!

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Today we'll talk about the bread, which is the head of everything. Progress does not stand still, and every day come upt all the new devices that make our lives easier. One of them is the bread maker. It is not necessary to go to the store and buy bread. You can bake a sweet and rosy bread at home. By the way, all the ingredients can be ordered online:. Next, I tell you a case from my life.

- Marina, treats! It is I myself nJCU bread. We bought bread machine itself. It is cheaper and benefit more. Because before bought bread, he is loose, and my kids ate it so much ... And that « Chemistry » but in the current product? Even I am afraid to think how it affects the health - says my friend Larissa.

How to bake bread?

- And I sit and burst the scented hlebushek and nod the head. Just remember the house, religious mother, recipes ... That my mother taught me as a little: « First you have to prepare yourself. Be sure to have to wear a scarf, wash, wash your hands, crossed, ask the blessing of God. And only then proceed to the dissolution of bread. You take Glubokuyu bowl, pour into it perekip'yachenu warm water, yeast diluted in water. Shunt flour to the dough was like liquid sour cream. And the dough is left to ferment for at least 4 hours. And at this time to make molds for bread, washed out and leaves the kitchen to have the same temperature. When the dough nabrodilos - kneading. Pour in a littleoil, a few drops of vodka solish, add a pinch of sugar and flour. But look to the dough was well mixed, however, "do not kill" it. So, to come off the hands, but did not get out through the fingers ... & raquo ;. Mama taught. But the main thing here is to try to master the technique of cooking: it pricked, not dopeksya, then salty, then Burnl ... Bread « demanding » and he likes to keep his cool. As here capricious girl loves « twist » cavaliers. Only with experience « feel » the dough in your hands. First learned to cook the most lean bread, and then - began experimenting with indigrientamy, according to various recipes, with the mouth, according to various boards ...

- But it was as a child, just wanted to learn how to do the most, I wanted to know everything ... And now you run to work in the morning, a sandwich stuffed. You go, barely moving the legs in the evening. You go to the store and buy bread. No wonder even the prices. But ministers and other officials from the Agrarian Policy predicts more poArticle bread prices.

Cognitive history

- And finally, thinking about bread talk about one story. Anniversary. Tables bend from food and beverages. People welcome the hero of the day, the health drink, snack. Everything is as it should be. « you submit bread, and so you perched in a corner & raquo ;, - drawn one dAMA to another. « Oh, thank you. Not required. I do not eat bread & raquo ;, - modestly responds and adds: « I am on a diet. Losing weight & raquo ;. Angered by the response, Ms commented: « As there was no bread - they ate each other. They were looking for a piece of bread, digging the earth, burying swollen children. What is now plenty of bread - the bread themselves reject. So where does thishave you seen this? » ...

- Appreciate bread, because the high price it is given to us ... now!

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