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We attack the body with vitamins

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In the spring we are starting to complain about sleepmately, fatigue and irritability. Often the reason for this may be lack of vitamins needed by the body. So the question is put on the control of an adequate supply of vitamins. And once again remind ourselves of what they can get. And tell us about this Mikhail Voronin - the editor of the portal:.

Vitamins and multivitamins

vitamins and minerals needed by the body for the metabolism of the organs, tissues and update function as catalysts of various enzymatic systems.

The value of vitamins for the body - a lot. Their daily dose is small, but in the absence of or insufficient upotreblenii vitamins (avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis) in the body observed pathological conditions - from fatigue to the development of various diseases. There are more than twenty kinds of vitamins. Depending on solubility are divided into a water- and fat-soluble. By liposoluble include A, D, H. Their absorption takes place via fat or bile whichsecreted by the liver. Foods rich in these vitamins, it is better to use in contact with the fat. That is not sugar and carrots, and carrot salad with mayonnaise or oil.

Avitaminoses (an extreme form of lack of vitamins) are extremely rare today. Perhaps this is due to social background, informative patsienComrade, the availability of a variety of foods, quality of life. Such extreme cases of the disease occurs earlier.

Now we are dealing with hypovitaminosis. It is expressed through:

  • The weakness of muscle activity;
  • Apathy;
  • Wortthe can;
  • Reduction of physical and intellectual activity.

The end of winter - early spring - a period when natural sources of vitamin lose their value, decreases the amount of vitamins. Therefore, we recommend taking artificial multivitamin complexes. They are now onry much. They contain and general vitamin complexes, and sent to individual vitamin deficiency. In addition, many vitamins produced in our gut. But in the winter, many had the flu, sore throat, so have used antibiotics. They cause a lack of vitamins. After antibiotics sterilized intestines, destroying not only harmful but also usefulbacteria that produce vitamins. So be sure in this period should eat yogurt, drugs that normalize intestinal flora. But the lack of solar radiation delays the formation of vitamin D3. Therefore, a solarium in small doses, too, will be useful for immunity in the spring, especially on overcast days.

E - the best friend of the skin

important are vitamins in cosmetics. After skin - the most visible part of the body, and all the negative outcomes and processes of the body, as they say, - « Facial & raquo ;. Among the molecules able to identify effective local action, vitamins demonstrate a wide range of possibilities. During the lastyears its use has been limited because it was believed that these substances do not penetrate the skin when applied topically. But recent pharmacological studies have proven the ability of vitamins contrary defonduvaty through the horny layer of the epithelium, to penetrate the epithelial layers and participate in their recovery. Of all the vitamins that are appliedare to be applied to the skin surface, is very popular in cosmetology has vitamins A, E, C, K, B5.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A presiding in the recovery process of the skin, hair and nails, supports the protective function of the skin, mucous membrane, improves the efficiency of the enzymes of the skin, improves elasticityand general condition. However, it should be used with caution and limited. An overdose can be harmful.

Vitamin C

collagen promotes vitamin C. It also improves the condition of the capillaries, rejuvenates the skin, lightens, making it radiant.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K strengthens blood vessels, involved in hematopoiesis and is used for sensitive skin prone to kupirozu.

During the crisis, and not only, of course, it is better to use natural sources of vitamins. Most pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic vitamins. Therefore, their effect is not as strong and active.

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