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How to overcome the problem of infertility?

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Today, more couples suffer from infertility. Unfortunately, printingOrdering statistics annually goes up and the young people who want to feel all the colors of paternity, are constantly looking for ways to solve this problem. Medical ultrasonography, an obstetrician-gynecologist with years of experience Igor Andriychuk,   He is chief editor of the portal of the pregnancy: gives recommendations how couples should start fightwith the problem of infertility and what you should know before you start treatment.

  - Mr. Igor, how to choose a physician Reproduction?

This pathology is very versatile. It requires knowledge of several specialties - classical gynecology (the ability to diagnose and treat gynecological diseases on the basis of gynecological examinations analysis and evaluation) Ultrasound diagnosis (without ultrasound to identify most of the pathology, on the other hand only ginekolog- « uzist » will be able to understand most of the identified pathologies) operative gynecology.

  First of all you need to know:

  • What surgical methods are effective and Cato their use in a given situation;
  • Endocrinology - often the result of infertility endocrinological diseases; radiology (the most reliable diagnosis of tubal pathology is carried out at x-ray);
  • Andrology - need to assess the real chances of the male pathology; Possession techniques reproductive technologies - in vitro fertilization.

If your doctor is an expert in these areas and versed in modern approaches to treatment (you need at least two or three times a year to take part in major congresses in this specialty) - you reliablehand.

  - What should undergo mandatory testing for people suffering from infertility?

  •   US for 9-11 days from the beginning of the month;
  • Gynecological examination with strokes on the flora and chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma;
  • The definition ofvulyatsii (ultrasound monitoring ovulation most reliable), if it is not - to determine the level of blood hormones survey men - semen;
  • When infertility more than a year or if you suspect a problem with the fallopian tubes obligatory checking tubal patency with the help of X-rays.

There are some additional survey found mainly to clarify the pathology or treatment monitoring. If you at the first consultation the doctor without explanation appointed 10 or 20 analyzes, it can be suspected in increased loyalty to the laboratory or to doubt his competence.

- How long does the treatment last?

Not more than a year. If during this time did not get the effect you need to move to more radical methods - surgical treatment, and in the absence of results - IVF (in vitro treatment).

- What should you do if you found out blocked tubes?

If the inflammatory proprocess that led to the obstruction of « fresh » (up to several weeks) - may be treated with anti-multiple antibiotics, followed by ultrasound or x-ray control of the Fallopian tubes. When « old » process (lasting from a month or more) it is better not to waste time, we hopezhdy and money - IVF plan changed after removal of pipes. The effectiveness of recovery operations pipes is very low and is less than 5% and tubal pregnancies after such operations is not seen.

- What to do with a low follicular reserve (indicators: number of follicles on ultrasound and hormone levels antimyullerovskogo (AMG)?

If antimyullerovsky hormone is from 0.5 to 1.0, the probability of pregnancy is reduced if the exponent is less than 0.5 - the probability is very low. While in some cases there are exceptions to the rule. With this disease, the best result gives IVF with egg donation (results with this technique is very highs - about 50-60% on the first attempt).

- Prevents pregnancy make pregnant and uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts?

In some cases, this pathology can not influence the reproductive the function of the woman, in others - to interfere with, and in some cases pregnancy can stimulate the development of the pathological process. When this natologii doctor in each case must decide which treatment to offer the patient, or perhaps do without it.

- When a female pathology recommend intrauterine insemination?

This manipulation when the women's disease is not being used. It is recommended for a male pathology and aboveechnyh incompatibilities.

- Endometrial polyps can cause infertility?

Yes. They break during normal operation of the endometrium, support the inflammatory process and prevent pregnancy in the womb settle down.

- How does the thyroid disease on reproductive function?

&Nbsp; SchitoIron is a prominent conductor of metabolism and immunity in the body. Therefore this organ pathology often leads to infertility. In our practice, there are many examples where the diagnosis with subsequent correction of thyroid dysfunction in patients made it possible to become pregnant before the treatment of the female sphere.

- How to chooseLINIK for in vitro fertilization?

It is best to take into account the advice of your physician Reproduction it with you to assess the benefits of the clinic at your pathology. Although some doctors may have a personal interest in the direction of the patient to a particular clinic.

There are a number of criteria to assess the patientclinics, which must conform to such health care facilities:

  1. The presence of positive results (the information must be reliable, obtained from official reports from the Ministry of Health or from friends and the Internet should not be trusted);
  2. The presence of doctors with extensive experience and xwatering results (you can pay attention to the feedback and participation in presentations at congresses on reproduction);
  3. The presence of the internationally accepted practice approaches (for example, if you with hydrosalpinx, polyps are not certain AMG offer to join the IVF program, the probability of the result is very low);
  4. The cost of procedures should be in reasonable average prices;
  5. The presence of European certifications and foreign owners can also speak of a sufficiently high level institution.

In order for this all to evaluate the need to sit in a little internand pass those initial consultations in at least two different clinics.

- What if the patient is unable or it is inconvenient to repeatedly visit the clinic, located in another region?

There are options and staged treatment of in vitro fertilization programs. They spend doctors - Reproduction with accetstvuyuschim experience of treatment regimens and clinical approaches in cities far from the clinic itself.

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