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Why is it important to visit a gynecologist?

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Most women complain of lower abdominal pain. Of course, it may be associated with menstruation and,may have the disease. How to preserve the health of the fair sex, says gynecologist Regional Center of Family Planning and Reproductive Tatyana Larina.

What are the diseases most appeal to you in winter?

frequent reason for seeking winter - inflammatory diseases of internal genital opmakers and thrush (by the way, to read about here: Women love to look good despite the weather conditions. Especially young people are not too fond of hats, warm pants, and so on. N. Overcooling reduced immunity, and therefore, any infection that enters the body, can cause inflammation and then theret disease.

What are the symptoms of inflammation?

  In general, the pain of varying intensity in the abdomen and lower back, which, without timely treatment can be enhanced or more decrease becomes chronic, menstrual disorders and other.

  The treated?

First of all, I want to note that an effective and safe treatment can only choose a specialist, ie, doctor, examining the causes and manifestations of disease, survey and establish a clear diagnosis. Often it requires a whole range of drugs: antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, immune stimulant, localtreatment, physiotherapy and their correct combination. The worst thing in such cases - self. Because the advice of others, women use ineffective in this case the drug in the wrong dosages, inadequate duration. Usually, the infection is transferred to a stable form. Thus, harm themselves, because then have totaking powerful, and therefore, more expensive drugs.

At what age often suffer from?

To be honest, it affects all age groups. Little girls are infected from sick mothers, for example, when sharing bathing. Young women - most often through sexual contact, hygiene, which, unfortunately, not enough toit adheres. Older women tend to suffer due to the presence of concomitant chronic diseases, hormonal menopausal disorders.

  The woman threatened the existence of chronic inflammation?

  First of all, you must realize that a sick body can not properly not workedb. A uterus and ovaries in women are very important for the whole organism. Related hormonal disturbances lead to emmeniopathy, and infertility. Persistent pain in women causing chronic stress and conflicts within the family.

  How often have to go to the reception to the gynecologist?

  If you do not care, do not have menstrual disorders - to the doctor can be accessed once a year. If you have a chronic gynecological diseases - every 3-6 months. prescribed by a doctor. In the case of new complaints - as needed. < / p>

  Many are interested in the question of treatment of thrush?

  How Mathestno, thrush - is a disease that is caused by yeasts. A healthy female body itself can eliminate it if a sufficient number contains normal (sour milk) flora. Taking antibiotics, eating spicy and sweet foods, alcohol, smoking, presence of other diseases lead to a breach of protective mechanisms slizisof the membrane of the genitals. In this case, the fungus is activated, causing the symptoms of the disease. It should be remembered that it is not always just a fungus. Typically, when examination revealed an association (combination) of germs, fungi and viruses that support each other. So, quality treatment is possible only when proper and timelytion diagnosis.

How to protect women's health?

It is necessary to consider the development of the women from the prenatal period. Mom and dad girl (and boy) getting ready to conceive (follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, take a multivitamin, particularly folic acid). When the child was born coveted,his health once again in the hands of the parents (the correct, preferably breast, feeding, tempering, supervision of proper mental and physical development). During puberty, it is important the correct formation of menstrual function, the lack of physical and mental overload. Young woman consciously and carefully selects floorovogo partner gives birth to children, talking to your doctor, choose a method of contraception to prevent abortion. Entering the period of menopause, "passing exams" lived life. This ideally. But who prevents to realize such a plan in life?

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