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Electronic Cigarette

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Electronic Cigarette often consists ofthree main parts - the battery, atomizer (evaporator) and reservoir (tank). The main principle is the evaporation of the liquid by heating coil nichrome. The important thing is quality and naturally constant supply of liquid to the   spiral, quality and sufficient traction and reliability of high-capacity battery. REtional cigarettes has gone through several generations and have overcome many elementary drawbacks such as the flow of a desired fluid evaporator superheat, often small capacity of the battery itself, a bad pull and everything.
Atomizer - the main element of the normal working of the electronic cigarette. The main part of the atomizer - camerasand evaporation (better - ceramic), filament and oppression, which is fed through the liquid. There are several different designs - two - spiral (for more than a few), immersion (clearomizers - for better heat dissipation), variables, or other services. The main characteristic of the atomizer - electric resistance - there is low (1.8 ohms) or high (2.4 ohm) resistor. Atomizer low impedance produce more steam, but have a shorter work. On average, working from the atomiser 1 and Sunday to one month or more, depending on known design and purpose of use.
The reservoir (tank) - usually the most simple and little susceptible ofnose (if not in the habit of chewing the mouthpiece or permanently remove the tank without the need). This tank with the right air duct for the pair from the atomizer. There are many variations and modifications for using a simple increase capacity, improve its appearance and those who prefer a particular form of the mouthpiece.
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