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Diet slimming belly

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If you believe medical research in the body of every woman is 12 - 15 % extra body fat that are needed for the functioning of reproductive organs and normal hormone metabolism. Only modern medical devices can show the particular location of fat and the exact amount in our body. But the excess often can be seen with the naked eye, for example, fat in the abdominal area can equally be accumulated as fat as a slim people. So, if you with a total thinness belly sticks out — it is an occasion to think not only about the revision of the diet and increasing physical activity, and about the trip to the doctor.


What causes fat?

Sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy and poor diet with not enough protein and fiber and an abundance of artificial and harmful products, fatty, sweet and starchy foods - this all predictably leads to fat deposition in the abdominal area. All of the above leads to disruption of metabolism and, as a result, the deposition of fat in the abdominal area.



you Also need to remember about stress: the hormone cortisol, which is formed as a result of fatigue, physical and mental overstrain, initially causes us to lash out at all sorts of spite and sweetness, and then — to place stockpiles on the most prominent places.

Pregnancy is even 1 risk factor. During pregnancy the skin and muscles are stretched, which, in turn, opens the way fat deposits. By the way, the same effect you get by abusing a strict diet!

But, whatever cause you increase fat, you can always fix the situation. A great tool in this case would be diet for weight loss belly, more details .


Six Golden rules of dieting

to reduce the amount of fat in the abdominal area, remember the simple advice of nutritionists, following which you will be able to secure the effect of the diet:

  • your diet should have enough protein, the best animal: seafood (shrimp), lean meat (chicken or beef), chicken eggs, cottage cheese;
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  • split meals: eat small portions 5 to 6 times a day (the serving size 200 gr.);
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  • For Breakfast eat cereal, because the cereal contains a high-quality fiber, stimulating peristalsis, the absorption and digestion of food, retains water, effectively struggling with bloating, prevents the accumulation of gases
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  • at least 1 time a day eat foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids. It: flax and olive oil, almonds, sea fish;
  • the
  • Drink 2 litres of still plain water daily; 
  • In need day is on 2nd servings of fruits and vegetables is obogatit your body with vitamins and fiber will fill your stomach and will deliver you a feeling of satiety. But remember: raw vegetables often causes bloating, if you eat too many of them.

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