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The medical profession neurologist

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The main occupation is the study and treatment as pazlichnyh diseases of the nervous system. Basically originally going dialogue with the patient, after conducting a small diagnostics, appoint the necessary tests, or the same survey,   eventually put an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, which must be applied. Stroke, severe illness, injury, postoperative state, it's him,He spends therapy after this. By neurologist is often approached by people with various neuroses, pain syndromes, sometimes nervously -psihicheskimi, psychosomatic disorders, vascular, and various other pretty seryoznimi diseases.
Among the health professions, neurologist plays prettygreater role, so now this profession is popular as ever. The whole reason for the growth of neuroses and stimuli of the population who are given the chance to develop diseases that affect the nervous system. Nerves are often the cause of most diseases, even the people say. Pediatric Neurology is also very necessary, because the earlier diagnostirovat, the easier it is to cure. And what are the specifics of the work neurologist? At this question is answered Petrov AY Semenov AP -.

The specifics of Neurology:

The work of the neurologist is directly related to the constant and regular communication with pretty sick people, perenesshimi different strokes, surgery, injuries, just a bed patients are often elderly. Work in ordinary hospitals also directly   includes compulsory elementary frequently night shift. You should always follow the news a simple pharmaceutical market research in this neurologicalarea to a good understanding of most drugs and assign enough effective treatment. Some private medical centers are usually quite often prefer to employ neurologists who have some additional and necessary expertise: chiropractic, massage, acupuncture.
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