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What is thermotherapy

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heat Therapy is a procedure that combines 2 functions: pressure therapy and infrared heating. Pressotherapy enables to cope with the swelling and quickly withdraw excess fluid from the human body. Infrared heating, in turn, warms the skin (up to 4 cm) that leads to active fat loss. 

Simultaneous exposure to infrared heating and presso-therapy allows for simultaneous and maximum impact on the muscles and subcutaneous tissue, and thereby provides a visible effect correction.

This procedure is performed using a special apparatus for thermotherapy, which you can purchase in - company "VGS Group".


When shown thermotherapy:

  • to recover from a birth;
  • to improve circulation;
  • to combat overweight;
  • to edit a figure
  • to improve lymphatic function in our body;
  • to normalize muscle tone;
  • to relieve muscle tension;
  • to fight against cellulite;
  • for post-operative rehabilitation and pre-operative preparation;
  • relaxation
  • to restore the immune system;
  • to relieve emotional tension.

How is the procedure?

To your lower body (stomach, legs, feet, butt) wear disposable special costume made of polyethylene, over which a doctor wears a suit for pressure (which will be injected air, thereby creating a wave-like pressure upward on the patient's body). To create a sauna effect in the costume for pressotherapy embedded special sensors for infrared heating. As soon as the doctor turns it on, it starts a local heating of tissues (to 4 cm). In the result, vessels dilate, increasing blood flow, accelerate metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat and the skin itself. As a result of this impact increases the turgor of the skin and activates collagen synthesis.

in Parallel with the heating is done pressure therapy (i.e. mechanical impact): is the alternate air supply low and high pressure waves which pass through parts of the body that is wearing the costume. Pressure, in turn, has a lymphatic drainage action, and as a result: improves the tissue tonus, eliminates swelling, which helps to adjust the volume in problem areas and eliminate cellulite.


What do you feel during the procedure?

heat Therapy is a fairly pleasant, relaxing  procedure, after which you feel energized, lighter on my feet and you better mood. The procedure helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and to withdraw excess fluid from body tissues. The positive effect is visible already after the 1st procedure and after two or three sessions swelling, smoothed "orange peel" effect, gradually reduced the volume.

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