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How to choose the right unit for pressure

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Pressotherapy is a very popular service, which is known in beauty salons. Here you can not think that it is a purely cosmetic nature, for in many ways pressotherapy — and this treatment procedure, especially when there is a violation of lymph or blood circulation. you can buy on the website:


unit for the pressure therapy should consists of 3 main components:

the machine. It usually consists of a power unit, a small compressor which pumps the air Board to control and several valves. It is the fee for management gives the ability to adjust time compression, the pressure and intensity of air injection.

Costume - is a very weak link, which when you select should pay special attention.

air Ducts. They are also important to succumb to rigorous evaluation.

And now learn in greater detail about each of the data nodes.


Block management

For pressure is very important the number of “ready” programs and the ability to customize various parameters of a pose also use ready programs. Remember that the more opportunity there is, so much the much better.

an Important role and takes the place for the number of compressors. In cheap models the compressor is usually one. In “advanced” — they are inserted two. Two, of course, that is better than one, and it is clear why: the air in this case is pumped harder, the lymphatic drainage is also performed at twice the speed. In addition, the compressor 2 will give the ability to create excellent massage effects.



typically, the Greatest load falls on the suit. Its cost will cost about 25% of the price of the whole apparatus. Believe me, this is enough to be sure that the costume you need to buy more durable and long lasting. And the material from which it was made, must be characterized by strength and in the extent of their elastic — in order to avoid cracking at the folds. The best option in this case would be a two-layer suit, especially if one of the layers becomes damaged, the second one will prevent any air leakage.



everything is very that very simple. They, in turn, must be characterized by flexibility, elasticity and breadth. The slim duct is a very slow injection of air directly into the cuff. Brittle duct — it cost extra money for repairs. When are the suits, it is important to choose those that will be connecting ducts. There are those, to which latter is connected a stationary way. The second option is more attractive: you can save time, improve usability, and will not be present wear connections.


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