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What are the scales

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today in the world there is a huge variety of weighing equipment and scales. All scales are divided by the area of their application, the accuracy class and the method of installation.


Types of scales

a Huge variety of principles and forms of weights is used for different weight measurement. So, on the principle of scales are divided into:

  • mechanical
  • Electromechanical
  • e.

in Addition to splitting the weight equipment on electronic and mechanical, it could still be: industrial, household, automotive, commercial. For the needs of Medici there are special medical scales. In jewelry for weighing precious metals and stones used carat (jewelry) scales. There are also scales used for weighing livestock (they are used in meat production and agriculture). Industries use crane scale. Railway used car (rail) scales. Moreover, there is even a pocket scale. Every person most likely saw the crane scales and other weighing equipment. By the way, in Ukraine you can buy in the company "Ukranalit":

If you take a good look, today in the world of weighing equipment there are a huge selection of different equipment to measure the weight, almost everything.

By way of balance scales are divided into:

  • automatic;
  • semi-automatic
  • not automatic.

operational purpose scales are divided into:

  • platform
  • industrial
  • product;
  • pallet
  • laboratory
  • domestic
  • automotive
  • medical
  • monorail
  • commercial
  • weighing
  • scales for weighing animals;
  • bunker
  • crane
  • the pipettes
  • technical
  • etc.

All types of weighing equipment list is very difficult, not to say that it's just not realistic.


accuracy class scales are:

  • with special accuracy class;
  • the
  • with an average class accuracy;
  • the
  • high grade precision.

If to consider in General the weight mechanisms, they exist for quite a long period of time. As the first of the weights were just a regular stick. It, in turn, hung different weights, in order to compare their weight. Since that time, Libra has overcome a very long way of development and improvement.

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