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How to lose weight with drinking water

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the Problem of weight loss bothers most women and ways to resolve it today set. But we lack willpower, time and desire to exercise regularly, or to strictly limit the diet? In most cases, this fight continues throughout life. But, as it turns out, in order to lose weight do not have to starve yourself or exhaust the physical exercise - you just need to drink water. More information about how to lose weight you can read .

Water diet is already popular among many women. Drinking water, you cleanse the body, relieve the stomach, remove toxins, and as a result get rid of extra pounds. But even for drinking water there are strict recommendations:

  • water needs will be determined in accordance with your weight. To do this, multiply your weight by 40, then divide by 1000. Thus you will receive the necessary amount of fluid per day.
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  • the First Cup of water drink in the morning, on an empty stomach.
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  • Water you should drink for 30 minutes before eating and not earlier than 2 hours after eating.
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  • Drink only warm water - she ​​easier to digest and does not injure the stomach.
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  • At one time to drink more than 2 glasses of water, so as not to stretch the stomach.
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  •  Water must be non-carbonated. Teas, juices and other drinks with drinking water are excluded.

For more effective result, nutritionists suggest that you add to the water a slice of lemon, honey or ginger. Very useful to drink and melt water, but not necessarily to get her out of the snow on the street. Can regular water to pour into a bottle and freeze and then unfreeze and then take over 7 hours. Next would have to freeze water. You can also arrange fasting days on the water. Enough 1 day a week.

benefits of water diet: the decrease in the volume of the stomach, loss of appetite, elimination of harmful substances from the body, weight loss.

disadvantages of the diet: frequent urge to the toilet, contraindications with kidney disease, stomach ulcers, heart problems and diabetes.

Easy weight loss!


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