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The history of the patient with diabetes mellitus Natalie

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Poltava Natalie 56 years old and she is diabetic. The woman raised two wonderful daughters, and now helps with her grandchildren. Natalia says that they are her biggest joy in life.

  • about six years ago, she says, - I was diagnosed with diabetes. I asked to check the blood sugar. I was in Kiev, on examination thyroid. I never said that we need to examine, not offered - I asked myself, - Natalia explains. And when I saw the level of sugar in the blood is realized. Was diagnosed with type II diabetes, prescribed treatment, she adds.

Such as Natalia, in Poltava more than ten thousand. About 90% of cases is type II diabetes, also called non-insulin-dependent or "diabetes-adults". In this disease the tissues of the body lose their ability to respond to insulin. Ill mostly older people. However, in recent years increases the incidence of type II diabetes among people 20 to 30 years. When Natalia learned of her diagnosis, no special thoughts about this, she arose.

  • I Simply understood: the type II diabetes, and therefore I will take the pill, the woman said. - What else is there to do? Any compassionate thoughts was not. But understanding that something will change it.

First it was the pill that brought sugar back to normal. First appointed "gliclazide". The woman said that those pills were no problems, they quickly helped. But later still had to go on insulin.
It changed the way of life of Natalya.

  • I Had to diet. To pay attention to health, food, she explains.

diabetes is not greasy or too salty, nor smoked, nor sweet, nor bread. Need to move more, and at the same time to avoid overload on the body. As a rule, good nutrition helps to regulate carbohydrate metabolism of the body and reduce the production of sugar in the liver. But for the treatment of late stages of diabetes already used drugs.

  • I was ready for it, - says Natalia. - Very radically their way of life I haven't changed. But in a situation where you need to constantly take pills. Although a year ago I actually moved to insulin. I have much more time dependent. But you get used to everything, and insulin by hours has become a habit.

Natalia Case is not unique, but unique in its own way. In most cases, diabetes is defined when the patient already has complications, that is approximately 5-7 years after disease onset. Unlike many other people, diagnosed with diabetes, when glucose-lowering drugs to prescribe late, she took care of it and was examined. Her case is an example of a person who cares about their health.

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