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What is AMLO?

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AMLO (ultrafast opioid detoxification) is one of the ways to withdraw the patient from unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This approach to treatment allows to achieve a good effect for a couple of hours. However, such methods for relieving withdrawal symptoms is considered high-tech method, which means for more secure holding need a few good people and new equipment.


AMLO: faster recovery

the Technique is used with patients who have a long experience of taking considerable doses of substances of a narcotic nature. Treatment should begin only after the Seda, in which the doctor will be sure that the patient is sufficiently informed of his correct understanding of the main principle of action and possible future risks at the time of the meeting .


Why is the price of this treatment is high?

Slightly higher price for the treatment by this method due to the fact that is attracting good people, for example, an anesthesiologist required to monitor the patient's condition and correct use of expensive equipment.  After a thorough examination of the patient gather the Council all doctors in which they solve the issue about ultrafast detoxification from a specific patient in terms of withdrawal of an existing expression.



  • Pregnancy
  • the
  • Pronounced chronic disease;
  • the
  • Acute diseases.

in order to remove breaking with the usages ultrastrong method nachinaut leads ultra-high-dose narcotic antagonists, that is, that particular drugs whose molecules can displace the opiates directly from the cells of tissues. Thus, it is possible to achieve massive excretion of psychoactive substances of nature in the blood, and thence to remove it through the excretory system. At this point, the syndrome has already reached its peak, but parallel to the anesthesia (i.e., anesthesia) relieves a patient from a very unpleasant and slightly painful sensation.

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