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What distinguish the symptoms of hypertension?

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the term “arterial hypertension” almost similar to the term “arterial hypertension”, but its use is considered to be less correct, because the word translated as hypertension high blood pressure, and hypertension — the rising tone.

the Symptoms

the discomfort that are associated with high blood pressure usually appear as a noise in the ears, frequent headaches and other symptoms of hypertension, which is just beginning — largely overlap with the symptoms of ordinary fatigue. Therefore, it is important to conduct .

many patients who have noted the deterioration of his health and trying to deal with these in different ways, but without success, not even thinking about what indicators of their blood pressure poses a great danger — appeared numerous complications of hypertension. So many doctors and used to call high blood pressure “the killer that comes invisible”. But high blood pressure not require complex diagnosis and can identify at usual routine inspection and the majority of patients undergo a correction is more than successful.

be Sure to check yourself. If you from time to time see the following symptoms, it is not eliminated latent for hypertension:

  • Frequent headaches
  • the
  • Dizziness;
  • the
  • Very weak but fast heartbeat;
  • the
  • High sweating
  • the
  • Frequent redness of the face;
  • the
  • You feel a pulsation in the head;
  • the
  • common alarm
  • the
  • memory;
  • the
  • Some inner tension;
  • the
  • persistent irritability.

Possibly all of these symptoms bother You only occasionally, and after a rest even for a certain time retreating. Unfortunately, this is still not a reason to rejoice, because it is only the manifestation of a certain cunning diseases like hypertension.

If you are not going to adjust their way of life, and will not initiate treatment, the disease will eventually progress, with fraying heart, causing severe damage of target organ: primarily the brain, kidneys, blood vessels and even the eye fundus.

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