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What is the ecotester

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Almost all people imagine what harmful effects on human health are the nitrates. But, unfortunately, nitrates are not the only threat to our health, we can be found today on the market. Today the contamination of food with radionuclides. All around us (in public transport, on the street, in the market, in the shop and even at home) await the radiation sources with high radiation!

For example, your home quite easily disinfected with bactericidal recirculator, which can be applied even if the room has people. The main danger of radiation is that it is very difficult to detect without special devices. That is why to detect radiation waves used portable specials. devices (dosimeters), which are designed for use in the home.

in addition, there are special. devices that allow you to easily calculate the level of saturation with nitrates of food and water, to determine what radiation comes from the products, articles or areas. This device is called "ecotester soeks". please read about it on the website

the Device is useful for all:

  • Ordinary consumers. People who don't want to poison the organisms, their loved ones and their own harmful nitrates, which accumulate in food products;
  • Collectors. Most often in the hands of collectors are very gems, old jewelry and collectible items. Such things may well emit some level of radiation that can harm human health;
  • Construction companies, for the erection of houses very often buy a "substandard" building materials. Imagine if in a building the wall will create a background radiation. Then a longer stay beside her, impairs human health;
  • People involved in the sale/purchase of land and real estate, which immediately before the approval of purchases not hurt to check the radiation level in the air and the ground.

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