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The pearls in your mouth

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Untimely visit to the dentist is, according to many doctors, is a big mistake parents. There are times when a mother brings a three year old child, in whose mouth one panicky left, or there was nothing to treat. Then there are not enough words to explain my mother what she'd done.

otherwise, when the child once in six months sometimes for medical examinations at the dentist – he comes to his "aunt", which for kids is becoming a friend, and included in the trust. In this case, the child will understand from childhood, why he goes to the dentist and why the kids were afraid to treat, and it – no, we said the dentist "Valident Junior" Hope.  

Honestly, I feel sorry for those kids that started the teeth and frightened by scary stories about "sabariah", which mercilessly tearing teeth and flip with tongs. In a child's imagination drawn images of the butcher kind, who wants to deal with them. In fact quite often we hear the warnings from her mother that brought the child to her children was not afraid of anything. Already at these words, unconsciously, the child thinks about the possible sensation of pain, because why would mom warned you?

What to do to save the teeth of their babies?

the Doctor advises to start to accustom the child to brush the teeth with six months, when they appear. The mother should be cleaned with a soft marlechkoj, soaked in soda solution or with special "fingertip", which is designed to care for the oral cavity of babies. If you start to form a habit later, it will be a psychological burden for the child and it will tire quickly, because he knows exactly what to do sometimes without it.

the Habit is the second nature of man. After all, 50% teeth decay because they are not clean. It should be noted that in addition to time to lead the examination, you also need to make sure that the child went to bed, relatively speaking, with parsley and potatoes on the teeth. However, the remaining 50% of the damage factors depend on heredity, nutrition and the like. When teeth know about timely  care, in the mouth in such a kid - real pearls.

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