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are important redevelopment of existing rules etc.ohms, and their need to adhere to have no major problems as a result. They are pretty simple but at this time they should be taken into account. After taking advantage of such rules can make one of several apartments, you will need to take into account the year in which the beat house is built, and the overall layout, to the house just did not fell after youwill carry the wall. It is imperative to get the approval of neighbors. directly dependent on the quadrature dwelling than it more - the price is more expensive.

A few rules redevelopment

Another thing, if the conversation itself is a question of more modern homes, which often almostall elements made of high-quality concrete with the inclusion of reinforcing elements themselves. This material is often a much longer and elementary and easy to normal mechanical stress in a simple redevelopment. You can easily say that quite successfully at home for just   « rework » redevelopment normalKhrushchev built precisely in the period since the 30's and often ending with 90 godami.Stalkivayas with a simple question about the redevelopment of an ordinary apartment, often have to learn a considerable number of prisoners' rights in the SNP, which quite clearly painted, what kind of residential buildings can often be subject to certain changes. Virtually everya redevelopment project includes many excerpts from the rules SNIP. All these restrictions can be circumvented easily, according to the conventional use of other equally effective methods of reconstruction and modification is residential.
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