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What you need to know about the repair of starters and alternators?

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the owner of the car can even notice a malfunction of the starter and alternator. They specify such factors as:

  • during the startup the engine makes some strange sounds
  • the car won't start;
  • when you turn the key the starter is spinning.

Also a failed starter and alternator will be indicated by the blinking light check the battery charge. In the end, your car is worth checking out if it while driving suddenly turns on the starter. Unfortunately, in practice many drivers do not see listed above are the signals that indicate problems. But whatever it was, you should carefully monitor the condition of your car and if there are any malfunctions, repair the starter in the next HUNDRED. For example, in Kiev, repair of starters and alternators you can make a HUNDRED .

many car owners there is a logical question: "is there any point in repairing the starter is easier to replace with the new?" Here everything depends on the scale of the damage. If the defect is small, repair starter justified and it will cost you relatively cheap. To eliminate the damage you can without any special effort, the most important thing, that repairs done by a professional. The cost of removing small breakages will cost about 1 / 3 the cost of a new device. If we are talking about such complex failures, like crashes or armature winding, the elimination of these problems will cost around 1 / 2 of the cost of brand new equipment, and in some cases even more expensive.

does it make sense to repair the equipment in a particular case - say the master automobile service (SRT), immediately after the diagnosis of the car. By and large, work on the restoration of the starter and alternator can be called specific, and the cost of spare parts for such manipulations is very high. From all this emerges that masters qualifications in this area quite a bit. Therefore, we should not try to save money, and the Sheriff is only proven in a HUNDRED.

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