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Eternal Country

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Country style in the interior implies simplicity, elegance and comfort that is difficult to imagine without natural materials. More oftenjust make out this style country houses and cottages, as if to emphasize the contrast country's high-tech, flooded apartments in metropolitan areas.

The original style of the country excelled in the art of music. In music, it refers to a particular style of music-making, which arose among the rural population of the South-Westthe second part of the United States of America. The origins of this type of music-making found in folk, ethnic music.

It is clear that even with the broad concept of discourse « country » preserves proximity to national sources, the national color and traditions. The interior style of the country contains a lot of folklores motives. This is all kinds of pictures, ornaments and mosaics, used for decoration and scenery of the main elements of the interior, we can say that the country is the individual style of each nation. After all, the English country will differ from the Russian exactly to the extent that the different cultures of these peoples, environment and conditions of them liveIa.

The revival of country associated with a tendency to return to basics, with a desire to stay away from busy roads and the desire to take a break from a huge number of people. This interior design is ideal for those who do not like pretentiousness and pomposity. He popularize natural, natural and natural in kazhdoy details. To create such an atmosphere designers often use different types of wood. The most popular colors are dictated by nature itself: all shades of green, brown, terracotta.

Returning to his home in country style, you will see that it is here able to fully relax after aie hard day's work.

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