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Prevalence of diabetes: Europe

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The spread of diabetes world of thyes a year is steadily increasing. In 2007, Europe's diabetes was diagnosed in 53 million. People, by 2025 this number is expected to increase to 64 million. It is expected that the number of cases of undiagnosed diabetes in Europe exceeds 50%.
Diabetes can be the cause of serious complications as a result of the defeat of manytheir organs and systems. Diabetes - a rise in blood glucose level and its control must be measured regularly.

First of all damaged in diabetes:

eyes - diabetic retinopathy is often the most common cause of vision loss in adults.

The brain and cerebral circulation - 9% of patients with diabetes usually had a stroke often risk of stroke in patients with a simple diabetes is 2.5 times higher.

Heart and coronary circulation - about 50% of cases the cause of death in patients with diabetes mellitus usuallym is often ischemic heart disease.

Kidney - one third of all cases of kidney failure caused by diabetes.

The peripheral nervous system - neuropathy, complications of diabetes, which manifests itself in 30-70% of patients.

Peripheralsof sul vessels - for patients with diabetes have to almost half of all cases of amputation, and in 9-20% of cases during the year - repeated amputation.

Smoking - harm.

In large studies have proven the effectiveness of some drugs that can delay the onset of overt diabetes. Audeever, begin to take them only after a detailed worth quite a long discussion with your doctor all the « for » and « against » such ter

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