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How to become a real lady?

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Even our grandmothers told that a lady can be found on the hands. Her hands are always soft to the touch, and the nails are given in perfect order.Today, give your hands femininity and charm can be a simple procedure. We are talking about nail enhancements.

In recent years, manicure has become a real art. Every girl can optionally change the shape and length of their nails. And experienced enough to achieve the goal of just one hour. &Ldquo; Artificial nails with the most modern, aesthetic and durable material – bio-gel allows an hour to become the owner of the long, neat and perfect marigold & rdquo ;, - say one of the leading masters of Kiev salons “ Velvet ”.

Besides, naroshchennyh Nail – lots of advantages. Heand more durable than natural, they do not exfoliate and do not break at the most inopportune moment. In addition, thanks to the imagination of your master, your nails will turn into a work of art. In fact, many experts are experimenting not only with the shape of the nails and design. They offer to clients to give your nails a rounded or Blocksatnuyu form, and even make them sharp, like a cat. As for the design of nails, then there are no boundaries and standards. On the nails of girls there are various designs, patterns, colorful mini-paintings and landscapes. However, such experiments are solved most extravagant girl. Others prefer a more traditional option: manicured nails with ckRomney farntsuzskim manicure.

For more information about the technology of nail using bio-gel, its advantages as compared to the growth of nails, acrylic-based, as well as the “ durability ” this procedure can be found at:.

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