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Unsuccessful gastroshuntirovanie

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Passed through gastroshuntirovanie man lost just about 90 kg and it now intends tosimply sue the usual compulsory insurance fund. Meal for that person become a great agony. For example, over the past year has given excellent results without complications.

The father of two wonderful children Tim Daly enough suffered greatly from the usual obesity, he even beat some complex minor strokes, soas it swept diabetes and heart disease unpleasant. So he had come to gastric bypass surgery, with the operation agreed to pay a mandatory fund strahovaniya.No eventually Tim himself was quite unhappy with what happened in the end, it is very sorry that he had agreed to such an adventure.

After such a bypass desudka Tim managed quite easy to lose weight in just half of what that four months. But it is now his ordinary life simply turned into "hell", according to the man himself is. Each every time he usually swallow food, his body shaking hard enough agonizing pain. Several times he had just got in sickItza in connection with the usual malnutrition, and now feeding Tim simply through conventional tube connected directly to the stomach.

Tim started much to complain about their condition in general, life for him was a living hell, and He even agreed to become a fat man again. Man has become so desperate to become easyabout to go on the eyes. The reason was the usual medical error, due to an inexperienced doctor man survived a hellish pain, so it is very important to choose a clinic staffed by a good doctor who will be able to make such transactions properly. Indeed, a common mistake deprived Tim one of the pleasures of life.

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