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Aktovegin is simply natural drugs that affect the overall condition of therganizma it promotes better metabolism in normal cells. More details about the drug Actovegin and to him, please visit: Preventive action should be noted, because this is its main purpose, the prevention of various diseases. But children often do not need prevention, namely the treatment itself usually decary disease.

In some cases, the child may need it drugs that enhance normal cellular metabolism, such as aktovegin? Perinatal brain injury is quite common in children, this pathology can appear usually 22 weeks of pregnancy, but also the pathology may simply end aftera week after the birth of the baby. It is this period of normal pregnancy can irreversibly affect the baby, so you have to beat quite delicate and protect the pregnant mother from harmful circumstances.

Lack of blood supply may become a great danger to the fetus, because when poor blood supply to the baby can simplyborn underdeveloped, so it is important. Thus quite collapsing brain cells. For the implementation of biochemical processes necessary to get the right amount of glucose, nutrients, and especially such a desired oxygen. But this failure may go in serous disease in the future after the birth of a baby, esland be amazed by the very cortex of the child directly, which is responsible for the limb, then the child can beat paralizirovan in the limbs, and statistics show may also be behind in psychological development. These diseases manifest themselves in different ways, all often depends on the severity of the disease.

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