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What is cryotherapy

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It improves blood circulation, helps Crafted necessary hormones, gives the desirableemuyu opportunity long enough to stay young, healthy and often quite beautiful. That's what characterize cryotherapy, popular in our time procedure. Recently, cryotherapy is widely used in case of damage and hair loss, because gives excellent results.

Start ordinarytion cryotherapy put more precisely, our ancestors, for them it was manifested in the baths, usually ice, such baths called rejuvenating. Now all it is strong enough to change and it is not a bath, but just air, which is simply cooled to very low temperatures.


There are apecial cryo chamber in which is held directly and cryotherapy, so normal skin is exposed to enough stress state using relatively low temperatures. Called cryotherapy is one that is carried out at a temperature of 110-160 C. Limitation of breath at such a low temperature should be secure enough to beat ined they can simply frostbite. This cryotherapy pretty good for the condition of the body, because in this stress the body begins to discover their hidden skills.

This unusual effect is simply based on the activities of vessels that change. Initially, with the help of small arteries spasm it begins its expansione, as a result, an active hyperemia, it takes from 1-3 hours. Facilitates venous flow pretty good stimulates normal operation of vessels and the heart, often improving the nutrition of tissues, it is a much better heat generation
  and that all the results of cryotherapy. Another cryotherapy often helps in rehabilitation after tyazhelyh injury or inflammatory diseases of the joints, skin diseases, many are afraid of this cryotherapy, because it relieves symptoms, and sometimes even simply can cure the disease.

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