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What is Specialty coffee?

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What could be better during the lunch break, after hard work over a Cup of coffee? Probably, only . In this article we take a closer look at what it is.

the term Specialty coffee (specialty coffee) was first used in the commercial journal “Tea and coffee” to denote coffee beans of the highest quality, grown in a special microclimate. If you take coffee beans are Specialty grade, they are characterized by high organoleptic, aromatic and taste qualities. These qualities are attained because this coffee is up to fifteen degrees of sorting, coffee bean gets to the end consumer as quickly as possible, and only freshly roasted.



In 1982 in the United States of America founded the "Association of Specialty coffee of America" (SCAA), which, in turn, began to highlight the high quality coffee in a separate category. By the way, the quality of coffee is determined at the stage of grain green: not ripe, no grains, no primary defects, coffee and dried properly calibrated. To determine the grade coffee is taken three hundred grams calibrated and refined grains. Next, the coffee beans are sieved sieves 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. All the screenings are weighed and recorded the "%" value. SCAA allows for 2-VA class coffee bean: Premium (premium grade) and Specialty (selected varieties). But the coffee is Off-Grade (low-grade) and Below Standard coffee Grade (insufficient quality) is not allowed.

In Venice in 1995 was created the "Specialty coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). The objective of this organization was the consolidation of Specialty coffee market and promoting its development.


market Experts summed up coffee recently, and also added the term "Specialty coffee":

  • correctly processed raw materials;
  • a well-grown coffee beans;
  • harvest time;
  • coffee is delivered to the end user freshly roasted;
  • high-quality packaging of coffee beans;
  • grain in time and correctly roasted, while retaining all its merits;
  • coffee must cook with love.

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