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About how to lose weight say gastroenterologists

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Often in the pursuit of weight loss people forget about one crucial thing. Losing the extra pounds, together with them quite often and lose health. Experts believe that it is possible to lose weight and health benefits. By the way, if you are interested about it you can read on the website:


How to do it?

to lose weight and won't involve harm to the body, you need to forget about the two equally dangerous things. It is the overeating and fasting. Both equally leads to the accumulation of adipose tissue. Those who want to lose weight must exclude from your diet foods that are harmful to all.

This colored drinks, muffins, foods containing dietary supplements. These additives cause irritation of the pancreas. When this happens and the release of hormones, and the appetite is increased incredibly. And it often ends with obesity.

at least little impact on the figure deals and fast food, which is made mostly of heavy to digest foods with lots of cholesterol, is immediately deposited in the subcutaneous tissue. The diet should be selected in such a way as to obtain the necessary amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals per day. And the main thing is to eat frequently, ie every 2 hours, but very small portions.


Can I use post pohudet?

in addition to diets, many as a means to losing weight uses Orthodox multi positions. Clinic temple of Faith, Hope, Love FR sure: fasting is not starvation itself. His goal is spiritual purification. Every person needs to understand that fasting is not starvation. Fasting is a spiritual internal, because for every holiday we have to clean our souls, our hearts and thoughts.

it is Worth remembering that might not be worth fighting with them. Because people will treat you the way you do about yourself.


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