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How to restore the nails after the gel Polish

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coat nail gel varnish is quite a popular procedure among women. This manicure looks good, lasts long and does not require special care. But quite often, after removing the gel Polish own nails lose their looks, become brittle and thin. In such cases, they need special care and immediate recovery. In ordinary procedure.

So, the most effective for restoring nails paraffin baths are considered that have a positive effect not only on nails but on the skin. Cosmetic paraffin wax contains vitamins and oils that will quickly restore the nails. Such a procedure should spend some time for full recovery nails. In order to improve the effect, you can alternate paraffin baths with salt baths for hands. By the way, you will learn about gel lacquers Cody a lot of useful information.

Quite a good "doctor" for damaged nails is olive oil. From time to time RUB it into the nail plate and you return your nails healthy. Well in this case helps and tea tree oil. It nourishes the nail and acts as an antiseptic.

you Can make a mask for the nails of the usual lemon. To do this, cut the lemon into 2 equal parts and stick in the nails. This procedure will pojivit nails, strengthen them and a little bleach.


a Few effective recipes offer many of Sielnica the city of Rovno:

  1. Ian Denis: "Salt baths."
  2. the
  3. Tanya Ozimek: "Since November, the nails do each month, a break will do for summer, just how will remove the gel Polish, cut the nails completely, drink calcium and make various bath for the nails, they recover".
  4. Ksenia Bexs: "Actually, I know that one piece of garlic should be cut a few slices and throw into clear Polish and paint nails. I for example, grew up as fools, and solid steel."

Well, in order for the damage from the shellac was less necessary to search for a good specialist that will do everything gently and without significant damage your nails!

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