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How to choose lipstick color

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a Good or the perfect color of lipstick to choose is not so easy. It is for this reason a huge number of girls, once choosing the desired color, use it all the time without risking to change it. Therefore, in order to choose the right lipstick color is necessary, first, to understand which color suits you best. To do this, refer to the main principles that tells us .


Basic principles of choice of colour shade of lipstick:

  • skin Color. For light skin is more delicate shades of pink, light plum color. For women with dark skin can pick up brighter shades of coral, brown, peach. Average shade between light and dark skin will suit even the red shades, and in the daytime makeup you can use gold range.
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  • hair Color. Blondes suit peach, pink, various shades of berry. Women with red hair will suit the color scheme of brown, terracotta color. Brunettes in the process of selecting the right lipstick color, you must choose bright colors. Brown can be selected in the same category, but a more muted color palette.
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  • eye Shade. To grey to blue eyes, fit lipstick beige or cherry-Burgundy color. Green-eyed women can use the colors of the orange palette. Ladies with brown eyes suit red and brown shades of lipstick.
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  • shade of the teeth. It is also important when choosing a lipstick, because you want to maximize the effect of white teeth. Too bright lipstick highlights the shortcomings of the shape and colour of teeth. It is better not to use a brown color for teeth yellow.

Choose the right shades of lipstick that will emphasize all the beauty of your lips. And always stay unique and beautiful. Only in these cases, all men will be yours.


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